Deskbot Nekroz, which I currently cannot at the moment as the app does not have cards like Deskbot or Crossover Souls cards like Neptabyss. Ygopro for iOS has been released. Once you do, open the program. Update new cards and ban lists pls. Can I get a file containing the pics for those sets? IPA file so we can install it without needing to upload that to the app store or something.

Name: ygopro android
Format: ZIP-Archiv
Betriebssysteme: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Lizenz: Nur zur personlichen verwendung
Größe: 30.88 MBytes

How I can duel online with my friends? I have a galaxy tab 3. Could we please have an update? Angefangen bei den Standarddecks wie Yugi und Kaiba bis zu den Pendelmonstern? Most appreciated on the android updates. Igot on and went to duel somebody.

Androdi it when I had it on my phone but it was taking up to much memory space and really slowing down my phones processing speeds. By Max Middleton on: After you download the mb, create a file called „co.

YGOPRO Yugioh news and updates – Ygopro for iOS has been released

Please update the IOS version So that can easily mess you up. Hey, wir sind auf der Suche nach 2 Yu gi oh spielern im Dev pro die kein Pendulum deck spielen.

I’m amazed to see that this ygopro company doesn’t listen to its fan base for over a year it has not been update on iOS. I don’t understand why, because i downloaded all previous versions with no problems.


Took a while for me to fiddle around, but it’s on now. I can choose my Decks for Duells against me.

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After you install the app to your android, you need to download the card files also. How can we update for anroid users to 1. Da wir für unsere Youtube aufnahmen immer nach mindestens 1 Zug tot sind kann man die Aufnahmen nicht so gut verwerten und das Nervt ein bisschen.

ygopro android

The card images etc have to be installed via desktop? Then androud back here and click their Discord server and it will open it in the Discord program and you will find the link there.

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I can’t download it at all. Security Code Enter the code shown above in the box below. It’s been a month now, and it’s just depressing how one particular andtoid is left so neglected UA.

There are still many Japanese that can’t read and search English cards and texts, so wanna see Japanesed app as fast as possible.

It tells me to complete an offer yggopro after I’m done doing whatever it is it still wont let me download it. Täuschungsfrosch Effekt aktiviert nicht Wenn man auf Devpro Yugioh spielt und Täuschungsfrosch durch Feindkontrolle opfert und somit auf den Friedhof bringt, aktiviert sich sein Effekt nicht. Kein Fenster, nichts im Task Manager, selbst wenn ich warte, passiert nichts. Sunday, August 26, Ich habe bei mir Devpro gelöscht, da es zimlich gebugt hat und ich es neu herunterladen wollte.


This is taking a while: Wie ich meine wurde Devpro mal gelöscht oder sogibts ein neues oder eine viel benutzte Alternative.

ygopro android

Why can’t I find it on app store please help i realy want the app. Sunday, August 19, Anybody else run into ancroid issue and know the solution?

YGOPRO Yugioh news and updates – Update: Ygopro for Android

Sunday, May 06, Was möchtest Du wissen? But when i tried the to update my android it didnt even work.

ygopro android

Tuesday, August 21, Solve an application problem because it stops when you order playing cards and hope to improve them more and thank you for your efforts. Are you able to play with friends on ios? Hallo, ehrlich das bisschen googlen hättest du echt auch selbst hinbekommen: I really hope this becomes an actual browser run version of this game, there really isn’t anything else out there that operates on chrome.