Our aim is to stimulate discussions on the use and the accessibility of corpora in interpreting studies, and, more generally, the need for corpus-based studies of interpreting. Der Sport und seine Sprache.. After introducing how the texts were compiled and annotated, the article focuses on quantitative studies at the token level. The paper takes a look on existing metadata schemes for transcriptions of spoken language as well as written texts and emphasizes on their advantages and disadvantages. Time-aligned transcription in multiple tiers, Processing of transcriptions according to different transcription conventions CHAT, HIAT, GAT , Output of transcription data in different layouts musical score, line-for-line , in different document formats HTML, MS Word and with multimedia links to audio or video, Adding manual annotations in an arbitrary number of additional tiers, semi-automatic annotation methods, support for systematic annotation schemes, Documentation of speakers, Data exchange with other widely-used systems Praat, ELAN, Transcriber etc. As we worked with all three components of the software, the review will then deal in turn with the Partitur-Editor version 1. This paper attempts a new look at computer assisted transcription as it is commonly practised within the fields of discourseanalysis and language acquisition studies.

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The paper illustrates how the training participants accepted and worked with the discourse data, and draws conclusions concerning the use of corpus based analyses in trainings on workplace communication. We present some recent and planned future developments in EXMARaLDA, a system for creating, managing, analysing and publishing spoken language corpora. Systeme und Exmaraldaa zur Annotation und Analyse natürlichsprachlicher Texte. The first part proposes a bridge between discourse analytical methodology and text technological methods with the concept ofmodelling as its central idea. After showing that diversity in transcription data is partly conceptually exmaraldw partly technologically motivated, it is argued that the processing of transcrip-tion corpora should be approached via a three-level architecture which separates form application and content data on the one hand, and logical and physical data structures on the other exmarqlda.


Notes on the Legal Situation. All corpora exmaraldx collected, transcribed and analyzed within various research projects supported by the Wxmaralda, between and Allerdings mussten wir auch feststellen, dass es sehr aufwändig ist, die Exaralda fort während auf dem neuesten Stand zu halten — dies umsomehr, als die EXMARaLDA-Nutzerschaft eine mehrsrpachige ist.

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Creating and Using Linguistic Databases. Tree Tagger TextTechnical clarin. Schmidt T“Another extension of the stylesheet metaphor — Visualising multi-layer annotations as musical scores“In Linguistic modelling of information and Markup Languages.

The West Norse version almost exclusively shows verb second order and no examples of verb late order. Special issue of the International Journal of Corpus Linguistics. Create a transcription with the Partitur-Editor FileName deu: The corpora contained in the DGD2 come from a variety of sources, some of them in-house projects, some of them external projects.

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Segmentierungsoptionen vor dem Text-Import. This paper gives a description of each part of our tests: Anreicherung der Korpusdokumente durch Meta-Informationen.


TEI file TextTechnical clarin. Schäfer A exmraalda, „Sprachmischungen bei bilingual aufwachsenden Kindern: The software components are freely available and operate on all platforms Windows, Linux, Macintosh.


Archived in the Hamburger Zentrum für Sprachkorpora. Herkenrath A and Rehbein J“Pragmatic corpus analysis, exemplified by Turkish-German bilingual and monolingual data.


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Da das Forschungs- und Lehrkorpus kontinuierlich ausgebaut wird, muss das POS-Tagging aus Effizienzgründen mittelfristig vollautomatisch erfolgen. Moreover, the project aims at formulating general rules of best practice for creating, accessing, and archiving linguistic resources.

We can, very roughly, differentiate between three distinct evolutionary stages of markup technologies. Annotation Graph File Schema: Die Untersuchungskategorie definieren Sie selbst.

This contribution deals with the possibilities of distinguishing features of an established contact variety from singly occurring, transient elements using a corpus-based approach.

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Silke Merkel Role en-US: Höder S“Annotating ambiguity. Valletta, Malta, may, In addition, the main findings stemming esmaralda the analyses performed thus far based on the corpus are summarized.

Institute for the German Language, Mannheim. We present some recent and planned future developments in EXMARaLDA, a system for creating, managing, analysing and publishing spoken language corpora.


Lein T“Fremder Akzent in der zweiten Muttersprache: This paper attempts a new look at computer assisted transcription as it is commonly practised within wxmaralda fields of discourseanalysis and language acquisition studies. Hanna Hedeland Role en-US: The present paper reflects on methodological aspects of the data gathering, analysis, and reuse and will present the practical experience from designing a test battery and selecting and approaching the participants, to conducting the experiments.

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